Kawaita Yoru No Machi Wo Oyogu

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Alternative: 乾いた夜の街を泳ぐ ; Swimming in the Dry Street at Night
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Author(s): Sakuragawa Sonoko
Genre: Comedy , Drama , Historical , Romance , Smut , Supernatural , Yaoi,
Status: Completed
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1-2) Swimming in the Dry Street at NightOnce nobility, Morinomiya Kikyou was sold to a brothel owned by his previous servant’s son, Terumasa. Kikyou was hurt by his first client and it was brought to Terumasa’s attention. Upon seeing his beloved Kikyou, what will Terumasa do?3-4) The Lavishing Chaos. The Enchanting BanquetThe youngest prince, Miya, met Lieutenant Tachibana when he was young. It was love at first sight for Miya. Will the frivolous Tachibana remember him?5) Charisma LoveA cute story about dog handlers: Mamiya Souichirou, a top dog handler, is deeply admired by all dog show fans for his unparalleled techniques. Despite that, Mikoto Moriyama - who knows next to nothing about dog shows - only sees Mamiya's 'skill' as walking a dog on a leash, which is nothing special. Mamiya challenges Mikoto to show him how easy it is. Discovering just the opposite, Mikoto vows that he will visit Mamiya until he learns his secrets - a relationship that soon grows day by day.6) Hana's Illness Comes from the HeartAnother story involving Miya and Lieutenant Tachibana. Miya has come down with a terrible flu and worries that he may not be able to make it to the Harvest Festival, which the Lieutenant is overseeing. Miya must focus on getting better... until an unwelcomed midnight visitor slithers into his room.

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