Koisuru Hetareha Itsumo Bukiyou

Koisuru Hetareha Itsumo Bukiyou Manga

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Genre: Romance, Shoujo,
Status: Ongoing
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Koisuru Hetareha Itsumo Bukiyou Content

Takumi, a handsome high school student who’s always been a klutz in love, has a crush on his classmate Mei. Takumi is usually a cool guy who is popular with girls, but when it comes to his favorite girl, Mei, he’s a total clumsy! Takumi is so conscious of her that he can’t say “I love you”, or he accidentally fantasizes about being in love with her. One day, Takumi is finally asked out by Mei, but…?! A handsome guy who is swept away by love and a beautiful girl who is a bit of a natural are at cross purposes in this tense love comedy!